Video: Sapna made such gestures in the midst of mutiny, that her uncle watered with shame, then all this happened

New Delhi: When it comes to Haryanvi industry, Sapna Chowdhary’s name comes to mind first, because her latke-jhatkas keep creating mutiny on everyone’s heart. As soon as Sapna Chowdhary reaches the stage, the crowd of fans becomes crazy, which makes everyone intoxicated.

Haryanvi Queen is supported a lot from the ground to social media, everyone is crazy about her beauty. Meanwhile, another dance video of his is becoming increasingly viral on social media, seeing which everyone is going crazy.

You can see in the viral video that Sapna Chowdhary is seen shaking her waist and dancing sexy, whose style is making people go crazy. You can see in this video that people are also cheering by doing different types of dance. If you have not seen his video, then understand that you have not seen anything.

Sapna Chowdhary created mutiny

Another banging dance video of Haryanvi dancer is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this, she is seen slaying in a tight green suit. During this, Sapna’s expression is worth watching, who is seen making various gestures towards the people. Fans go crazy after seeing Sapna’s hot dance. Fans keep watching him for a while.

Sapna Chowdhary is seen shaking a leg on the song ‘Paseene Pani Pani’. Seeing this dance of an uncle Sapna is having fun and he is also dancing together. Everyone is not tired of praising Sapna’s dance. If you want to see Sapna’s dance, then definitely watch this video. Even before this, many dance videos of Sapna Chowdhary have created a buzz on social media.

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