Up Me Ka Ba Gorakhbpur Mp Ravikishan Said Je Kabo Na Rahal U Ab Ba In Ballia

Ravi Kishan at Holi Milan ceremony

Ravi Kishan at Holi Milan ceremony
– Photo: Amar Ujala


Bhojpuri superstar and Gorakhpur MP Ravi Kishan graced the Holi Milan ceremony organized at Bade Pokhara in Sahatwar town of Ballia. On the request of the people, the chief guest Ravi Kishan danced fiercely by singing Holi songs. He also gave the answer to the song ‘UP Mein Ka Ba’ in his own style. Said that UP mein sab baa, je kabo na rahal u ab baa kar diya.

Ravi Kishan said that people are not understanding that everything is in UP only. Ever since the formation of the government of Modi and Yogi in UP, there has been a wave of development since then. Earlier goons used to get protection. Now the goons are running away fearing the Yogi government. Earlier, weak people were driven away for ration. Now ration is given on calling.

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target without naming anyone

The Gorakhpur MP said that the double engine government always thinks about development and youth. Film industry is being established in Gorakhpur. When it is ready, our Bhojpuria brothers will not have to go out to make films and lakhs of youth will get employment.

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