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The following information will help you understand TNREGINET registration Patta Chitta’s online application, eligibility, application status, and validity. There is no longer a need to go to the CSC Center; you can now apply for Patta Chitta online from the comfort of your own home.

Tnreginet Registration

The State Government of Tamil Nadu has launched a digital initiative to offer residents various online services. Encumbrance, marriage, birth, and death certificates are available services. Inspector general of registration is the name of this digital software. Tamil Nadu residents may use this website to get a variety of services.
Tata Consultancy Services Limited developed and maintained a comprehensive online site. This initiative is in place to provide individuals with online services. It will make it easier for candidates to get numerous vital government certificates over the internet. Making certificates digital will allow consumers to access them from anywhere. It will aid in the endorsement of a variety of services. It will also boost service transparency and make accessibility simpler.

Tnreginet Registration Patta Chitta

In Tnreginet Registration, the Patta is a land record document or evidence of land ownership. The TNreginet Patta Chitta is a land record in the Tamil Nadu state. TNreginet Patta Chiita is an electronic document that provides information on a property, like the size of the land and surrounding areas, along with proof of ownership. The name and address of the land’s owner and date records.

Tnreginet Registration


Patta is a government document that contains information on land ownership, land acreage, location, and survey information. It is essential to verify the patta documentation before purchasing a property to acquire it from the legal owner.
The seller must have a legal patta for the land they sell to have a clear property title. After acquiring land, the buyer must transfer patta to his name at the Taluka office for a clear title.

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Chitta gives pertinent information on land ownership, size, and area. It is a legal revenue document issued by the appropriate Village Administration Officer (VAO) and Taluka office that contains information about an immovable property. The land falls into two categories: Nanjai (wetland) and Punjai (dry land) (dry land). The term “Nanjai” describes a particular land or region with water bodies like canals, rivers, ponds, and so on. In contrast, “Panjai” describes the relationship of smaller water bodies with the land.

How to check Patta Chitta portal?

  • Go to the main page.
  • Click the second link in the first section.
  • Click the “View A-Register Extract” button on the View A-Register Extract page.
  • For land records, choose your district from the drop-down menu.
  • Now choose Taluk for A-registration.
  • Select a village.
  • Provide your survey number and subdivision number for the A-register record.
  • Check your Patta Chitta online after submitting the form.

Patta Chitta Transfer Process

  • You may transfer your Patta Chitta by following the below processes to share your Patta Chitta.
  • You may either fill out an application for the Patta Chitta transfer and submit it to your local tehsildar office or go to the closest CSC facility.
  • The authorities will approve or reject your application based on the inspection report of your property and the papers attached.
  • Applicants for Patta Chitta transfers must pay a fee of Rs 60/- and attach specific papers, the details of which may be found in the section below.
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Patta Chitta Application Fee

Tamil Nadu residents may apply for Patta Chitta papers online from the comfort of their own homes. You must pay its fees online to do so. You would have to pay a charge of Rs 100 to apply for Patta Chitta via the site. If the prices do not accompany your application, your application will decline. As a result, while making an online purchase, you must pay promptly using your debit card or another method.

TN Patta Chitta Transfer

If you want to sell land, or if you’re going to sell or transfer your property, there is a straightforward process you may follow. To apply for transfer Patta Chitta, you must submit your application to the Tehsildar’s office in your district or village. When requesting the transfer of the Patta Chitta, you must include all photocopies and original papers such as the sale deed, tax receipt, power bill, and encumbrance certificate.
Your application may be approved or refused based on the results of the department’s investigation. To transfer your patta or Chitta, follow these simple instructions.

How to transfer Tnreginet Registration Patta Chitta?

In the case of a landowner’s death without a valid will, the Patta Chitta is handed to the heirs apparent.
If there is a valid will, the Patta Chitta may pass into the names of the legal heirs following mutual consultation under the succession legislation. The Patta Chitta is transferred to the buyer’s name if the land is sold. You must apply for a Patta transfer at the Tehsildar’s office where you live.
Photocopies and original documentation of tax receipts, sale deeds, power bills, and encumbrance certificates may be requested when applying for Patta Chitta’s ट्रांसफर। The relevant department may approve or deny the transfer application based on their documentation inspection. The cost of a Patta Chitta transfer is merely Rs 100.

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Importance of Tnreginet Registration Patta

The online Patta Chitta is crucial paperwork when selling a home. This document is critical when a dispute arises between the government or a third-party landowner and the landholder. The landowner is entitled to compensation if the government acquires the property. In the event of unoccupied plots, it demonstrates legal possession.

How to change your name in Patta?

How to change your name in Patta? It is only possible to go to the village administration office. It’s critical to have papers like tax receipts, sale deeds, utility bills, and encumbrance certificates on hand if it is necessary to display them.
You may get the necessary paperwork from the office. Complete the form and sign it before submitting it. The adjustments may take up to 30 days to appear in the Patta Chitta online and produce a new Patta Chitta.


The state government of Tamil Nadu Tnreginet Registration publishes a document called Patta Chitta to demonstrate a property owner’s legal claim to the asset. Patta Chitta is a land certificate that contains all pertinent information about the property. It facilitates the hassle-free purchase and sale of real estate by reducing the risk of disputes and erroneous transactions. The Patta Chitta is by the Tahsildar of each district and may be obtained via the Taluk’s office or online.

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