Stf Shocked: At whose behest Shaista was released from custody, remained in her house for three days after the murder – Stf Shocked Whose Behest Shaista Was Released From Custody, Remained In Her House For Three Days After


On whose instructions Shaista Parveen, the prize-winning wife of mafia Atiq Ahmed, named in the sensational Umesh Pal murder case, was finally released, this question is haunting the police and STF teams searching for the same. In fact, the lady don whose poster has now come to be released was taken into custody only a few hours after Umesh’s murder. But, instead of strictly interrogating and knowing the secret of the conspiracies hatched from inside and outside the jail, he was not only released, but was also given a chance to go away easily.

Apart from conspiring to kill Umesh Pal, Shaista Parveen has a total of four cases registered including cheating, Arms Act. Even after 24 days of the massacre, the STF teams have not been able to trace him. Now preparations are being made to release its poster. The reward amount can also be increased on Shaista. But, now there is deep remorse about the effort to arrest him. Actually Shaista Parveen was taken into custody only after the Umesh murder case. Police-PAC was guarded in the rented house in Chakia where she lived with her sons.

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