See the Hololive EN Kiara Takanashi Figures and Nendoroid

Good Smile Company showed off a figure, figma, and Nendoroid of Hololive EN Vtuber Kiara Takanashi as part of its hololive 4th fes announcements. The three are at varying stages of development. The Pop Up Parade figure showed up as a painted prototype. However, both the Nendoroid and figma are unpainted.

First, here’s the figma of her. It shows two accessories she’ll come with. People can equip her with her sword and shield.

Likewise, the Kiara Takanashi Nendoroid is bearing the same equipment.

As a reminder, the Gawr Gura Nendoroid already went on sale. Also, Good Smile Company recently showed off a painted prototype of the Amelia Watson one.

Finally, here’s the Pop Up Parade figure of her. It seems to be the furthest along in development, as it’s painted. However, it is still pending approval. It is the only one of the three designs that doesn’t have the Vtuber bearing her sword and shield.

There’s no release date Hololive EN Vtuber Kiara Takanashi Nendoroid, figma, or Pop Up Parade figure. However, it seems the Pop Up Parade figure is the furthest along in development of the three.

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