Power Cut In Up: Please return to work electrical workers, MP Ravi Kishan appeals with folded hands in Varanasi

Ravi Kishan in Varanasi

Ravi Kishan in Varanasi
– Photo: Social Media


Due to the strike of the electricity employees, the power supply has collapsed in the entire UP including Varanasi. Gorakhpur MP Ravi Kishan, who reached Varanasi on Friday evening, asked the power workers to return to work with folded hands. Talking to the media at Circuit House, on the strike of electricity employees, he said that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath is keeping an eye on everything.

With folded hands, he told the power workers that being a Member of Parliament, being a brother, I request that the exams of the children are going on. It is sensitive. He should not have any problem. The public should not have any problem. Let everything go according to the rules. Get your words convinced by the government. The Chief Minister will definitely talk to you. Some solution will come out only through dialogue. You get back to work and let everything else run its course.

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