Nirahua was seen forcefully kissing Sanchita Banerjee wearing Amrapali’s Loongi, created a stir

Nirahua – Sanchita Banerjee Song:- Bhojpuri actress Sanchita Banerjee remains very active on social media. The actress keeps sharing photos and videos for her fans on the coming days. Sanchita Banerjee is very popular today. But it was not so easy for the actress to become the shining star of Bhojpuri cinema from a modest model.

To achieve his position, Sanchit has also faced many difficulties. Sanchita did Bhojpuri industry with Dinesh Lal Yadav’s film ‘Nirahua Hindustani-2’. This film of Nirhua proved to be a super hit. Apart from Nirahua and Sanchita, Amrapali was also seen playing an important role in this film.

Meanwhile, a song ‘Jujhata Garibi Se Bihar’ by Nirahua and Sanchita Banerjee is going viral on social media. In this song, Nirahua tells his mother on the phone that he has found a daughter-in-law.

Nirahua is looking very happy in the song. Nirahua is seen running here and there in bodyguard’s clothes. On seeing Sanchita, Nirahua starts dreaming of marriage. Nirahua falls in love with him at first sight, but the actress hates him. Sanchita tries to get rid of actor Nirahua.

This song of Nirhua is sung by Alok Kumar, Chhote Baba and Kiran Yadav, while the lyrics are written by Shyam Dehati and music is given by Chhote Baba. Video director is Manjul Thakur. This song of Nirhua has been uploaded on the YouTube channel named Wave Music. This song has been viewed more than 23,005,724 times so far. In the song, Sanchita is looking very beautiful in a short dress. In the song, Nirahua is seen wearing a lungi and dancing on the terrace with Sanchita.

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