Nirahua became romantic while bathing in the waterfall not with Amrapali but with Yamini Singh, created a ruckus

Nirahua – Yamini Singh Romantic Song: Dinesh Lal Yadav’s name is one of the top actors of Bhojpuri industry. In today’s time every child knows Nirhua. Even though Nirahua is a bit busy in the world of politics at the moment, people do not forget to search for his songs. Nirhua’s songs are well liked by the Bhojpuri audience.

These days Bhojpuri films and songs are in full swing and when romantic songs are mentioned, the first name that comes to mind is Nirahua. Nirahua is also known as King Khan of Bhojpuri world. Meanwhile, an old song of Nirhua is making a splash on YouTube.

Now you must be thinking that Bhojpuri’s famous and beautiful actress Amrapali will definitely be seen in the song. But it is not so, as in the video going viral, Nirahua is seen romancing on screen with Yamini Singh.

Nirahua and Yamini Singh’s Bhojpuri song ‘Ek Baar E Raja Aankhiya Ke Sojha’ (Ek Ber E Raja Ankhiya Ke Sojha) is making people crazy since once. The amazing chemistry of both the stars is visible in the song. This song of Nirahua is from his film ‘Lallu Ki Laila’. Nirahua has shot many romantic scenes in this song. Yamini and Nirahua are coming very close to each other in the song. In the song, Nirahua and Yamini are seen romancing each other while taking a bath in a waterfall.

This song of Nirhua has been uploaded on YouTube channel named Worldwide Records Bhojpuri. This song has crossed the figure of 7,776,226 views in the last 2 years. Lyrics of Nirhua and Yamini Singh’s song are written by Santosh Puri, while singer is Priyanka Singh. Music of this song is given by Madhukar Anand.

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