Nadia Khan Reveals Her Morning Show Salary Amount

Nadia Khan has recently appeared in Nadir Ali’s podcast in which she talked about her career journey. She talked about the success of her morning show as well. Nadia Khan said that starting a morning show back then was a need and people loved it. She also revealed her salary.

Talking about her salary, Nadia Khan said that she started from low wages, “when I was doing teaching, my salary was 2000 Dirhams and I was a drama teacher, when I started the morning show, I used to get monthly salary in the morning show, my salary was one lac Pakistani rupees (in 2003), which was lesser amount according to my job, then I used to get 3 lacs in 2005, because I quoted them 3 times bigger amount and they agreed to it and after my show got hit, I got some amazing incentives, she said that the channel was not letting her go, same happened in the new channel and she got money in crazy figures. Here is the link to the video where Nadia Khan talked about her salaries.

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