Mau: Sp Leader Naseem Khan Died Under Suspicious Circumstances, Had Gone To Friend’s House For Holi Party

samajwadi party

samajwadi party
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On Wednesday evening in Shahpur village of Kopaganj police station area in Mau, SP leader Naseem Khan (45) son of late Imran Khan died under suspicious circumstances at a friend’s house.

According to the information, SP leader Naseem Khan, a resident of Shahpur village of Kopaganj police station area, had gone to his friend’s house in Jamalpur Buland village of Haldharpur police station area to attend the Holi party on Wednesday evening. Where SP leader Naseem Khan died under suspicious circumstances. From there, friends informed Naseem Khan’s house.

On the occasion, both brothers of Naseem Khan, Azim Khan, Tehseem Khan went to Jamalpur Buland village of Haldharpur police station area. From there he took his brother Naseem Khan to a hospital in Pahsa where the doctors said that his pulse was not working. From there both the brothers were taken to another hospital where doctors declared Naseem Khan dead. After that they returned home with the dead body. Different types of discussions are happening in the village. The deceased SP leader has three sons and one daughter and wife. Everyone’s condition is bad by crying.

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Station Head Kopaganj Amit Mishra told that Naseem Khan had gone to the party with his friends. There his condition worsened, the relatives took him to the hospital where the doctors declared him brought dead. The dead body is being taken into custody and sent for postmortem and the matter is being investigated.

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