Holidays: Grandparents later, tourism and religious travel becoming the first choice – Tourism And Religious Travel Is Becoming The First Choice

holiday (indicative picture)

holiday (indicative picture)
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Summer vacations in school means the time to go to maternal grandparents’ and maternal uncle’s house, which is waited for whole year. Nor the burden of homework and the worry of making science models. As soon as this holiday came, the time of fun started. Away from everyone’s scolding, going to Nana-Nani’s house and playing games with friends there is no time to be known. It was great to take a walk. But now that trend is decreasing a bit.

Now the children have started preferring to visit tourist places and visit religious places and go on religious pilgrimage instead of visiting their grandparents’ house. Advance booking is being done in trains and private vehicles. Hence waiting list has become longer in some major trains from now. In such a situation, people are booking taxis, cars etc. through travel agencies. People’s first choice is Shimla, the coldest city in Himachal Pradesh. After this there are religious places like Mata Vaishno Devi, Khatu Shyam, Balaji, Jagannathpuri, Mathura-Vrindavan, Sai Baba of Shirdi, Tirupati Balaji, Rameshwaram etc.

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the joy of plucking mangoes from the garden

Those whose maternal grandfather is in the village, they also enjoy the fields and gardens during the summer holidays. The fun of plucking mangoes from the neighbor’s garden was something else. It was good to read books while on vacation. – Pandit Shyambabu Sharma

Holiday used to be very traditional

The summer vacation of the school children of the 70’s and 80’s was very different. Then neither the information system was so strong nor were TV, mobile etc. means available for entertainment. The joy of living in mud houses and the opportunity to visit relatives were plentiful. As soon as the holiday started, a list of relatives was prepared as to how much time was to be spent at each relative’s place and whom to meet. Back then old houses had cellars which used to be cold.– Dr. Rampal Singh

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I used to miss maternal uncle’s house as soon as it was summer vacation

As soon as the summer vacation came, the first thing I remembered was maternal uncle’s house. In the village, it was also a pleasure to climb over the neighbor’s wall and pluck mangoes and guavas secretly. The games played in the gardens were very dear. Apart from this, he liked physical exercise and different kinds of games. Umesh Pathak, Advocate

old traditions have changed

Today people have become so busy that they decide the summer vacation of the children according to their own. Instead of spending holidays in villages, it is better to visit a hill station or cold region. Earlier, people used to visit their relatives as soon as the summer vacations were over. Today this tradition has changed. – Satpal Suman

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