Hathras News:Continuation Of Fault In Lines Continues Tantrums Showing Electricity From City To Countryside

Employees protesting at Odhpura electricity office

Employees protesting at Odhpura electricity office
– Photo: Amar Ujala


Consumers are facing the brunt of the strike by electricity workers in Hathras. With the increase in heat, the number of faults in the power lines has increased. Because of this, there is power failure from the city to the countryside. Due to this people had to face difficulties.

About 400 contract workers are deployed at 64 power stations in the district. Now the contract workers have also gone on strike. Because of this, the power system has become dependent on God. Faults are happening in the power lines from the city to the countryside. Due to this people have to live without electricity for many hours. On Saturday too, there was power failure for several hours due to fault in the lines of feeders coming out from substations like Hathras city, Sasni, Sikandararau, Chandpa, Murasan etc. Due to this the routine of the people was also affected. People kept waiting for the electricity to come on.

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The supervisor hurried the contract workers

When the strike of the electricity employees was going on. Meanwhile, the matter of removal of contract workers was told by the supervisor. In a hurry, the supervisor was thrown out of the group by the electricians. Along with this, it was told to the contract workers that there is no need to come under the pressure of any supervisor.

Faults are not being rectified due to the strike of electrical workers. Because of this, we have to live without electricity for a long time. In view of the strike, alternative arrangements should be made. – Gopi Pandit, Consumer

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Firstly, the power lines are in a dilapidated condition. At the same time, as the heat increases, the power lines are responding. We are facing power crisis due to the strike. – Sanjeev Sharma, Consumer

Due to the strike of the workers, the bills are not being deposited. Due to this the bill will have to be submitted along with the penalty. Along with the strike, common consumers should also be taken care of. So that the work can go on. , Sunil Pali, Consumer

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