Hathras News: Maxi caught fire while heating milk, woman badly burnt – Maxi Caught Fire While Heating Milk Woman Badly Burnt

kitchen stove gas stove

kitchen stove gas stove
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The woman was heating milk wearing a maxi, when her maxi caught fire. By the time the fire was extinguished, the woman was badly burnt.

53-year-old Shailesh Devi’s wife Omprakash, a resident of Nagla, barber of Hathras Sadar Kotwali area, caught fire in a woman’s maxi while heating milk on Saturday. Due to which she got burnt. The relatives brought him to the district hospital for treatment. Where the doctors treated him.

Relatives told that the woman was wearing a maxi. She was heating milk on the gas. Suddenly his maxi caught fire. Due to which she got badly burnt.

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