Hathras News: Effect Of Strike Of Electricity Workers Started Showing Half The Town Remained In Darkness

Children reading by candlelight during a power outage

Children reading by candlelight during a power outage
– Photo: Mukesh Sharma


The effect of the strike of electricity workers is visible across the state. Power supply remained disrupted in Sahapau town of Hathras at night. Due to the strike, no one came to repair the fault after the power line got faulted at some place.

Because of this, there was a complete power failure in half of the town on Friday night. Somehow the fault there was rectified only after the electricity went off in the morning, then somehow those people could get electricity on Saturday. There was no electricity in village Nagla Parsu for the whole day. Similar is the situation in other villages as well.

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Couldn’t sleep because of no electricity all night. It was only after morning that the fault was rectified by an electrician, then electricity was restored. – Rishi Sharma, Rural

There was a lot of trouble in the night when there was no electricity. Mosquitoes did not let me sleep. Eyes opened late in the morning, due to which the shop opened late. Don’t know when these electricians will end the strike. – Vishan Gupta, shopkeeper

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