Haryanvi Dance Video: In a sexy suit, Rachna Tiwari rocked such a body that uncle danced a lot with a stick

New Delhi: Haryanvi dancer and singer Rachna Tiwari’s sensuous acts make everyone go crazy, who has got a lot of love and affection from the people. The crowd of fans lose their temper as soon as Rachna Tiwari comes on the stage, who is creating a buzz among the people these days. If you have not seen Rachna Tiwari’s dance, then believe that you have not seen anything.

There are not one but many dances in the Haryanvi industry, which are ruling everyone’s style these days. The crowd of people gets lost as soon as they come on the stage. If you see Rachna Tiwari’s dances, you will be in awe of me.

His popularity is such that YouTube videos are becoming increasingly viral on social media, seeing which everyone’s heart melts. Meanwhile, another dance video of her is becoming increasingly viral on social media, seeing which everyone goes crazy.

Rachna Tiwar rocked her body in a green suit

As soon as the second queen of Haryanvi industry, Rachna Tiwari reaches the stage, the crowd of lakhs of people standing in front of her goes crazy in craze, whose dance moves make everyone intoxicated. In this viral video, you can see that she is seen mesmerizing everyone in a green suit, on whom it is raining heavily with notes.

If you have not seen this video, then understand that you have not seen anything. You can see that fans are seen showering notes on their sexy dance. Not only this, Tau standing in the crowd is also seen shaking his back, which is making everyone mad. If you watch this video of Rachna Tiwari on YouTube, then it will be as if the mercury of youth will rise again.

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