Electricity Workers Strike: Electricity Missing For 20 Hours In Mirzapur, People Wandering For Water, There Was An Outcry

Electricity workers strike: Electricity missing for 20 hours in Mirzapur, people wandering for water

Electricity workers strike: Electricity missing for 20 hours in Mirzapur, people wandering for water
– Photo: Amar Ujala


The power supply system has collapsed in Mirzapur district. Electricity has been missing for more than twenty hours in many localities including the Vasaliganj clock tower of the city. There is an outcry for drinking water. People are wandering from door to door for water. There is already a power crisis in Madihan, Lalganj, Patehra, Chunar, Jigna etc. areas of the district. The District Magistrate had visited the Pathrahia power sub-station in the night and had asked to restore the power supply.

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Power supply was restored in many localities including Vindhyachal, but in many places there was no electricity even for a minute. The effect of the strike of electrical workers is clearly visible. In many localities of the city itself, the power which went missing since 2 pm on Saturday did not come till 9 am on Sunday.

Due to Sunday, the townspeople were in a relaxed mood, but due to no electricity overnight, they started wandering here and there for water from morning itself. Those who stored water in the tank. His water ran out. The inverter also responded. There is also a problem with mobile charging. People say that somehow work is done in the rural areas, but in the city people are yearning for every drop of water. The district administration is sitting with folded hands. On the other hand, the high officials of the electricity department claim not to be on strike, but it seems that their silent support is also with the striking employees. The anger of the citizens is at its peak.

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