Dance Video: Wearing a choli on the stage, Gori Nagori made dirty gestures in the middle of the dance, unmarried boys did such an act

New Delhi: Rajasthan-born Gori Nagori is spreading her charm in the Haryanvi industry these days, seeing whom the hearts of bachelors and old people slip. Fans’ hearts melt when Gori Nagori comes on the stage, who makes everyone go crazy for her.

His popularity is such that he gets a lot of love and affection from the ground to the social media. Anyway, ever since Gori Nagori stepped on the stage of Bigg Boss, her popularity has skyrocketed. Wherever she goes to perform, the craze of the fans is reflected like a volcanic mountain.

Meanwhile, one such dance video of her is creating a ruckus on social media, seeing which everyone’s style is making people crazy about her. If you have not seen this sexy dance video of her, then you have not seen anything, whose sexy moves are making waves.

Gori Nagori spread such a charm that people lost their temper

The sexy queen of Haryanvi world Gori Nagori has created such a sensation that she is making everyone crazy. Meanwhile, another dance video of her is creating a buzz on social media, seeing which everyone’s style is going crazy. In this video you can clearly see that Gori Nagori is wearing a choli and she is looking very beautiful.

Not only this, people are also showering lots of notes on him. Meanwhile, Gori Nagori is seen making some gestures, which is leaving everyone in a tizzy. If you have seen her signal then don’t take it otherwise because she is surprising everyone by dancing. The feed of young boys standing behind and in front is capturing them in mobiles.

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