ChatGPT writes 28-line Shakespearean poem on climate change, netizens react

Since its launch, ChatGPT has been in the news. It has been used to complete tasks like writing work emails in specific tones, styles, and instructions. People have admitted to being hooked on the new fad. A Twitter user requested the conversational chatbot to explain climate change in Shakespearean language. The post featuring the chatbot’s response has gone viral and has amassed reactions from several users.

In a Twitter thread, Dan Miller shared ChatGPT’s reaction. The 28-line poem is fairly impressive owing to its use of intricate language, vivid imagery and catchy rhythm.

“I asked ChatGPT4 to explain Climate Change in the voice of Shakespeare. The result is quite extraordinary,” he said in the tweet. Responding to the same, the bot said: “Prithee, attend, thou gentle souls and wise, To hear a tale of warming in our skies, A change that doth the very earth beset, And causeth all in sundry ways to fret.”

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Here it is all together:

Netizens react

Since being shared, the post has amassed over three lakh views and over 1500 likes.

“It is extraordinary,” said a user.

“That is quite amazing,” mentioned another person.

Some of the Twitter users analysed the poem and said:

“I think the methane reference was ‘with others of its kin’ – but a little less subtlety would have been nice.”

Another user said: “Quite good. The message, the language, the iambic pentameter though not sure if Shakespeare used the aa bb rhyme pattern much”

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