Allu is an ordeal for them

Most of the producers of Allu Arvind’s generation have disappeared from the screen. Construction companies were closed. Even Suresh Babu has reduced the production of films. Ashwinidat stopped production for a few years in the middle. Except for them, none of the producers had an address at that time. But Arvind is still making trendy films and is going on with a good success rate.

Allu Aravind has a reputation for being bold in selecting stories. With the help of a young mind like Bunny Vasu, Geetha Arts is able to make trendy films even these days. Successes are being achieved. But lately, Arvind-vasula’s judgment seems to be taking a bit of a hit.

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Films like Chau Kaburu are chilly and pure commercials have damaged the name of ‘Geeta’. Most Eligible Bachelor, Urvashivo Rakshasivo, 18 Pages played somewhat moderately but.. not the films of that company. In such circumstances ‘Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha’ is being released from Gita. The young protagonist Kiran Abbavaram is the hero in this film which will be released on Saturday as a gift of Shivratri. Although he looked promising in the beginning.. later his name took a hit with poor movies. Arvind and Vasu made ‘Vinaro Bhagyamu..’ after trusting him and giving a chance to a new director named Murali Kishore. They are hoping that Geetha’s company will bounce back strongly with this film.

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The makers of the movie ‘Sir’ slowly premiered the day before and got good results.. showing their faith in their movie, they planned the premieres of ‘Vinaro Bhagyamu..’ also the day before. And is there really such a thing in the movie.. Whether this movie will get good results to uphold Allu’s judgement, it will be clear by midnight today.

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