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Friday, June 10, 2011 - No More

Well, from the past 3 days, many of the uploaders of would have been in utter shock. Yes, Duckload was taken down by the FBI officials for some copyright issues. Duckload has been offline ever since 2-3 days. It has been quite surprising that hosts these days are raided by FBI in particular, hosts that are based on Germany and Switzerland. RapidShare had its fate and it is back now.

But i am afraid, that would not happen with the case of Duckload. Duckload has been taken down due to several reasons, some including, a relationship with a site called "KINO.TO" - a site that live streamed movies illegally. admins were arrested immediately, following the arrest of Duckload admin.

We were waiting for the announcement from the admin @WJunction, wherein there was a hot discussion going on with uploaders and Duckload admin. Admin was reverently hoping for bringing Duckload back online, but in vain. Now, there came an announcement, saying that
" It looks like there will be no deal. The whole police is incapable.

Good luck guys in future, if there any news i let you know. You understand i am not able anymore to write here, i am done."
Well, its bad news for all uploaders and premium account holders. There is no other way for helping you guys out :( ..

Hope that some other site would be back soon.. Like Duckload

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Anonymous said...

omg! T_T

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

First Megaupload, now Duckload. Who's next?

Kishore said...

@Anonymous: You are wrong, Duckload was taken down long back mate :)..
Megaupload was taken just a few weeks back.

sana said...
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